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Born in Valencia, Spain, he conceived his own minimalism in the street art scene. He achieves the essence of restrained formative aesthetics with the geometric composition of only basic formative elements, and the pure result based on the three primary colours of cyan, magenta, and yellow, to claims infinite possibilities. His art crosses over painting, installation, and sculpture, and has a worldview that is free from media and forms. From the fusion of concept of the Asian Kanji typography and the nature flowers of the land in one single gaze, symbolising the meaning of silence and beauty. Using only acrylic spray painting, playing with the ecosystem of materials recycling, old furniture and more elements of combination, transforming it into a new live essence. 

스페인 발렌시아에서 태어난 그는 스트릿아트 씬에서 자신만의 미니멀리즘을 구상했다. 기본 조형 요소만의 기하학적인 구도로 절제된 조형미학의 정수를 이루어내고 싸이언,마젠타, 옐로우 삼원색을 기반으로 순수한 결과물은 무한한 가능성을 표방한다. 그의 예술은 회화, 설치, 조각 등을 넘나들며 매체나 형식으로부터 자유로운 세계관을 가지고있다.

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